Provide Feedback

We want to establish a open and free platform for amateur radio related web services everyone can participate and therefore rely on your feedback and ideas. Please provide feedback to If you have an idea for improvement or a new feature please open a GitHub issue or send us a mail.


Project-novis tries to provide a complete database of all issued callsigns worldwide. Therefore we are always searching for official or unofficial lists of issued callsigns. If you're aware of any callsign list please contact us, we are especially interested in official callsign list provided by a country's network agency.


As with callsigns we also want to build an easy to use repeater database which should provide a simple way to import these repeaters into your transceiver.


We are always looking for contributors to our code base. Project-novis is mainly written in Python 3 with the help of the Django web framework. In contrast to many other amateur radio web projects it's completely open-source and hosted on GitHub. Development is also coordinated in the public. If you're a first time contributor take a look at GitHub issues flagged with good first issue or help wanted.

OAuth2 Provider

You are already running a amateur radio site? You can use project-novis as a OAuth2 compatible provider. As a user can add callsigns to his account and validate them on project-novis, you can access that data via our API. This allows you to make sure a user is the owner of a given callsign without verifying it yourself.

Integrate your project

If you are building an amateur radio related project and need some kind of backend infrastructure or API, we can help you! Please contact us via email or open a GitHub Issue.