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Free & open amateur radio web services

We want to establish a open and free platform for amateur radio related web services everyone can participate.

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Amateur Radio Database

We try to build a database for many different use cases. Currently this includes callsigns, prefixes, DXCC entries, repeater and DMR IDs. All available on this website or from a simple and modern API.

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project novis is free and open-source software. We believe in the open amateur radio spirit and want to provide an open platform for various tech related ham radio services. If you have am idea or missing something feel free to open an issue on GitHub. Contributors wanted!

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We provide an open and modern REST API for all kinds of amateur radio applications. As our APIs are based on Swagger/OpenAPI it can easily be integrated in your application with the help of auto-generated code. GraphQL support is planed for the near future.

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OAuth Provider

Use project novis as a OAuth provider to authenticate users to your amateur radio related service. As we are validating the ownership of call sings you can make sure that a user owns a specific callsign. No more callsign validations required on different sites!

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Hamnet Authentication

At the moment authentication to Hamnet access points is suboptimal. We try to solve this problem and make hamnet more secure by restricted access to to users which validated their callsign. Therefore we provide a RADIUS server which can be used by your access point with WPA2 Enterprise.

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